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BBP Series Swimming Pool Lateral Restraint Pads

We use the term “Bridge Bearing” as an indication of quality. All bearings that support bridges or highway overpasses use Natural Rubber compounds, so the moulded product has high tensile and elongation characteristics and minimal permanent set or creep. Similarly, they must pass rigid tests for ozone and oxygen resistance. Critical to restraining the pool structure to AS1170.4 are our lateral restraint pads. Typically installed within acoustic void former, they provide a resilient connection from the isolated pool shell to the host structure.


·         Lateral restraint of pool shells to AS1170.4


·         135kg – 471272kg


·         3.0mm+


·         Closed cell polyolefin acoustic void former


The pool shell should be restrained from lateral movement to AS1170.4 using natural rubber restraint pads. Restraint Pads isolators shall be compounded to AASHTO Bridge Bearing Natural Rubber Specifications. Maximum Dynamic Stiffness of 1.4. Mounts shall allow for a 3x Maximum Temporary Overload. Restrain Pads shall be type BBP as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.