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Building Isolation

Mason Industries are the world leaders in the isolation of structure borne noise for buildings. With projects having been completed worldwide across a variety of environments. We can provide a low stress low strain engineered isolation system for your project.

Moulded Isolation Bearings

  • Unlike many competitor companies all our moulded isolation bearings are manufactured by Mason Industries, not through a third party, we do not manufacture for any other companies. Due to this we control the raw material and compounds which make up the composition of the bearing. This control also allows us to design almost infinite configurations.

Spring Isolators

  • Not all problems can be solved with rubber isolation pads. When the project demands we offer an extensive offering with spring isolators engineered specifically for the purpose of building isolation. Hydraulic jacks can be incorporated into the housing for accurate spring selection to be installed at the point of commissioning.

For use in Isolating:

  • Rail Noise Vibration
  • Tram Track Vibration
  • Helipads
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Seismic Joints in Buildings