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EAFM Series Swimming Pool Isolators

Bridge Bearing Natural Rubber isolators used to reduce structure borne noise within pool environments. Superior Natural Rubber construction enabling life of the building warranty. Mason EAFM Swimming Pool Isolators are a proven outcome with installations across Australia. Manufactured to the strictest Bridge Bearing Specifications, we have developed Natural Rubber compounds to extend life expectancy with market leading Low Dynamic Stiffness.

Mason EAFM isolators can be laminated with internally bonded stainless plates between mounts to increase deflection and lower natural frequency. Mason EAFM bearings have been be used in applications where pools are located above penthouse dwellings, adjacent to dwellings and over carparks. We can offer a variety of configurations to suited varied natural frequencies

With significant load capacity, fewer bearings are required which provides fewer transmission paths. Mason EAFM isolators are the proven solution for your pool vibration isolation requirements.

Mason Mercer can provide life of the building warranties on our Bridge Bearing Natural Rubber EAFM isolators


·         Swimming pools

·         Hydrotherapy pools

·         Spas


·         Configurations with a natural frequency down to 4.2Hz


·         84kg – 32777kg


·         1.3mm – 11.5mm+


·         Bearings can be supplied pre-laminated with stainless steel shims

·         Pre-compression housings

·         Bearing Shims to top of plates

·         Steel support channels for formwork installation

·         Closed cell polyolefin void former

·         BBNR lateral restraint pads


The pool isolators shall be compounded to AASHTO Bridge Bearing Natural Rubber Specifications. Maximum Dynamic Stiffness of 1.4. Mounts shall allow for a 3x Maximum Temporary Overload. Pool isolators shall be type EAFM as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.