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MASON Expansion Joints.

Mason Mercer produce a wide range of expansion joints from SAFEFLEX EPDM and KEVLAR reinforced connections are moulded and vulcanised in hydraulic presses. This high pressure process produces a smooth finish product with outstanding adhesion between the cover, reinforcement and tube.
Most of the competition still use Natural Rubber impregnated Nylon tire cord between sulfur cured EPDM covers and tubes. This construction becomes brittle wit age at higher temperatures, so we moved from Nylon to Kevlar as Kevlar has a higher modulus that minimises swell and elongation with outstanding temperature tolerance up to 121oC.
Another serious problem with flexible expansion joints is the body pulling out of the flange. Our solution is to wrap the tire cord around a solid steel ring in place of the cable. Sealing pressure is amplified by the ductile iron flanges that rotate inward around solid exterior stops. The split flanges are hooked together to prevent spreading. In over 25 years of production we have not a had the ring pull through.


·         Series 100 – Vibraflex Reinforced Rubber Pipe used in abrasive service

·         Series 500 – for use in expansion and contraction in long pipe lines or misalignment and displacement situations at equipment connections

·         Series 700 – Teflon Lined Series 500 bodies used for high pressure high temperature applications

·         Series FCR500/FER500 – Concentric and Eccentric reducers

·         Series 800 – Teflon Expansion Joint used for chemical applications

·         Duct Connectors – Round or Square


·         Refer to relevant data sheet for pressures

·         British standard, ASA, Din PN and JIN bolt pattern flanges available.

·         Control Rods and Control Cables

·         Other elastomers depending on application. Neoprene, Hypalon, Huna-N, SBR, Chloro-Butyl & Natural Rubber

Please contact your Mason Mercer representative to discuss your requirement prior to ordering to ensure correct selection.