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SAST/SAS/SRA Series Seismic Anchors

Engineered mechanical concrete and masonry anchors designed to meet AS1170.4. Mechanically galvanised, for use with non-cracked or cracked concrete.

Anchorage of your seismic restraint element is one of the most important aspects to a compliant design. Provided with all of our certified designs are anchor calculations including type, diameter and embedment depth. We offer screw (SAST). wedge (SAS/E) or chemical (SRA) anchors to meet or exceed requirements of AS1170.4. Used for anchoring vibration isolation or seismic restraint systems.

Applications – Seismic

·         Anchoring of Seismic Sway Brace Systems

·         Anchoring of Seismic Vibration Isolation Mounts

·         Any concrete or masonry fixing point which requires a seismically rated anchor


·         Shear 295kg – 4500kg

·         Tension 200kg – 3925kg


·         M10 – M20


Seismic anchors shall be type SAST/SAS/SRA, as specified
by Mason Mercer certified seismic design submittal. 

Note: Please consult with your Mason Mercer engineer prior to purchase to ensure correction sizing and application.