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SAST Series Seismic Anchors

Engineered mechanical concrete and masonry anchors to meet AS1170.4. Mechanically galvanised, for use with non-cracked or cracked concrete.

Applications – Seismic

·         Securing of Seismic Sway Brace Systems

·         Fixing of Seismic Vibration Isolation Mounts

·         Any concrete or masonry fixing point which requires a seismically rated anchor


·         Shear 525kg – 1780kg

·         Tension 410kg – 940kg


·         M10 – M19


Seismically rated masonry or concrete anchors to meet or exceed requirements of AS1170.4 for fixing of vibration isolation systems or seismic restraint systems. Seismic anchors shall be type SAST, as sold by Mason Mercer.

Note: Please consult with your Mason Mercer engineer prior to selection to ensure correction sizing and application.