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SSBS Seismic Sway Brace System

A complete third party approved engineered system for the seismic restraint of pipework, ductwork and non-structural elements. Independently certified for use in seismic areas.Cable braces are designed so when they are installed with sufficient slack they do not interfere with neoprene or spring isolator function but effectively control movement, preventing equipment detachment and excessive damage.

Applications – Seismic 

·         Pipework

·         Duct

·         Risers

·         Ceilings

·         Lateral and Vertical

·         Restraint of vibration isolated hangers

·         Third party tested OSHPD approved


Seismically rated restraint system of non-structural elements to meet AS1170.4 requirements. Sway brace system to be SSBS, as manufactures by Mason Industries. Inc.

Note: Please consult with your Mason Mercer engineer prior to selection to ensure correction sizing and application.