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Type C Housed Spring Mounts

TYPE “C” Spring Mountings provide a packaged solution to troublesome vibration problems. Since the static deflection of the spring element is much greater than that provided by most rubber materials, these units will perform where it is necessary to establish low natural frequencies or to use a mounting that is more yielding than the supporting floor. Type “C” mountings are specifically designed for noise and vibration free application in critical areas on light concrete or wooden floors.

Semi-circular Neoprene sponge inserts limit movement during start and stop and prevent contact between the projections of the upper and lower semi-steel castings. These inserts are designed for a minimum of damping in all directions to allow the springs to function properly and develop installed efficiencies that are very close to the theoretical. Non-adjustable inserts are recommended for all air conditioning applications under compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans and most other constant frequency vibration problems.

Applications – Non-Seismic

·         Fans

·         Pumps

·         Air Compressors

·         Air Handling Units

·         Power Generators


·         20kg – 11982kg


·         25mm – 50mm


·         Height Saving Brackets

·         Seismic Snubbers


 Air Springs shall be manufactured with upper and lower steel sections connected by a replaceable flexible nylon reinforced neoprene element. Air spring configuration shall be multiple bellows to achieve a maximum natural frequency of 3 Hz. Air Springs shall be designed for a burst pressure that is a minimum of three times the published maximum operating pressure. All air spring systems shall be connected to either the building control air or a supplementary air supply and equipped with three levelling valves to maintain levelling within plus or minus 1/8” (3mm). Submittals shall include natural frequency, load and damping tests performed by an independent lab or acoustician. Air Springs shall be type MT and levelling valves type LV as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.